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Who am I?
My key-words: Enhanced, Virtual and Augmented Reality. Cognitive Aids by Artificial Intelligence. Interactive and Immersive Learning.
In a nutshell: e-REAL for Advanced Simulation.

More about me:

- Born in Turin (Piedmont, Italy) in 1967, "glocal" citizen, educated in Italy and abroad as an epistemologist, anthropologist and lawyer (BA, MA, JD, Esq., MBA, PhD).

- "Edupreneur": e-REAL for advanced simulation, immersive experiences, augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, holography for visual communication, interactive learning.

- Logosnet is the practice that I co-founded with Barbara Bertagni in 1996 to serve organizations, corporations, schools and universities, museums. e-REAL, Edugems, Your Development, Centro Studi Logos and MirrorMe are our solutions: innovative and effective--thanks to divergent thinking and some common sense.

- As an epistemologist, anthropologist and lawyer by background, I am deeply committed to exploring the interfaces of personal knowledge, interpersonal relationship's models, rules and regulations awareness, and cultural assumptions--as domains related to what people believe--with values and ethics as domain of what, if anything, people think they ought to do.

- Currently based in Turin (Italy), Lugano (Switzerland), and Houston (USA)--used to travel all year round to serve clients based in more than 80 countries. In the past mainly based in Paris (France), Bern (Switzerland), Berlin (Germany), Paros (Greece) and Dubai (UAE).

- Latest books I co-authored: “Learning 4.0: Advanced Simulation and Immersive Experiences, Interactive Infographics, Online Learning, Mentoring and Coaching”; “Employability: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for the Glocal World”; “Glocal Working: Living and Working Across the World with Cultural Intelligence”; “Ethics & Business: Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Ethical Instruments”; “Learn How to Learn!”.



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