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As an entrepreneur--or, better, "edupreneur"--I'm a pioneer of immersive experiences, augmented reality and holography for visual communication, interactive learning and people development. Logosnet is the practice that I set up in 1996 to serve workers and executives, as well as international organizations and government, corporations, schools and universities, museums. Among my latest achievements there are the Edugems, highly interactive tutorials, and e-REAL: a cornerstone for advanced simulation, immersive education and interactive communication.

As a practical philosopher and scholar, I am deeply committed to exploring and explaining the interfaces of personal knowledge, interpersonal communication and intercultural assumptions--as domains related to what people believe--with ethics as domain of what, if anything, people think they ought to do. My background (epistemologist, anthropologist and lawyer) includes serving as a part-time faculty in some well-renowned universities, where I deal with international communication, cross-cultural and contextual intelligence, communication of science and technology, scenario thinking.

I’m fully committed to thinking out-of-the-box and across cultural boundaries, as well as to teaching with an interactive approach, transferring both knowledge and enthusiasm about the key-topics--addressed by mixed media such as movie clips, masterpieces of art, images, real-world cases, as well as relevant pages from the scientific and philosophical literature.

I've been working in more than 80 countries--gaining a deep international exposure. Currently I am based in-between Italy, Switzerland and the US, and I'm used to travel all year round spending some weeks in a number of interesting places.

Born in Turin (Piedmont, Italy) in 1967, educated in Italy and abroad, I've lived in Caluso, Ivrea, Turin, Urbino, Rome, Lugano, Bern, Schwarzenburg, Berlin, London, Paris, Paros, Dubai, Hong Kong, Portola Valley, New York.



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